Best Loaves (free shipping)

  • Taste the full range of Amy's Bread with these beautiful loaves.

    • Semolina with Golden Raisins and Fennel – Our signature bread is slightly sweet from raisins and aromatic from fennel seeds, with a coating of golden cornmeal.
    • Black Olive Bread – This versatile moist and chewy bread is filled with olives. Good with pasta, Italian food, and most meats and cheeses.
    • Miche Mini  – The caramelized sugars in the dark brown crust combined with the mild but complex sourdough give this bread its outstanding flavor.
    • Whole Wheat with 5 Grains – Earthy, grainy, and wheaty- this fragrant bread goes well with soups, cheeses, and meats, and is ideal for sandwiches.

    These breads freeze well- just follow the instructions that we provide in the shipment.

    Price includes UPS GROUND shipping up to 800 miles from New York City (Zone 1 - NY, NJ, CT, PA, MA, NH, VT, ME, RI, DC, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, TN, WV, IN, OH, MI, KY).

    Outside of the 800 mile radius,  prices are higher in order to cover 2nd Day Air shipment. 

    Zone 2 - $67
    WI, IL, MO, GA, AL, MN, IA, MS

    Zone 3 - $79
    FL, TX, LA, AR, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, CO, UT, WY, AZ, NM, CA, OR, WA, NV, ID, MT

    • Semolina with Golden Raisins and Fennel –Durum wheat flour, cornmeal, water, sponge starter, golden raisins, fennel seed, kosher salt and yeast.
    • Whole Wheat with 5 Grains –Coarse and fine whole wheat flour, unbleached wheat flour, water, natural starter, organic rye berries, sesame seeds, organic flax seeds, organic millet, kosher salt and yeast.
    • Miche Mini – Unbleached wheat flour, organic whole rye flour, water, organic whole wheat sourdough starter, kosher salt, yeast.
    • Black Olive Bread –Unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, water, natural starter, Kalamata, Amfissa and Atalanti olives, kosher salt and yeast.
    All of our baked goods are made with the finest natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives, and are freshly baked for your order. In order to ensure quality of our baked products, you will receive your order within 2 days of shipping from our bakery. We offer UPS GROUND SHIPPING to areas up to 800 miles from New York City, and UPS 2ND DAY AIR or UPS NEXT DAY AIR for areas outside of the 800 mile radius. UPS Ground usually delivers items in either one or two days.

    We recommend UPS NEXT DAY AIR for the truly hot weather we sometimes experience in July and August.

    We ship baked goods on Mondays through Wednesdays to ensure a same week delivery.

    We strongly recommend that you confirm that the recipient or another responsible party will be available to receive, open, and properly store your order. Furthermore, if the person you are shipping to has a "signature waiver" on file with UPS, Amy’s Bread cannot be responsible if that package is lost, stolen or damaged by lengthy exposure to the elements. Please check with the recipient if this may be an issue.



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