Amy's Bread Cookbook

Finally — Our beloved guide to bread baking is back! Not a re-print of our first book, but a fully rewritten and updated edition, with 8 new bread recipes and a chapter on our famous sandwiches. Nearly every bread that we sell in our bakeries is in this cookbook.

Amy's Bread shares Amy Scherber's recipes and techniques for everything from basic loaves to artisan breads. This full-color edition includes more than fifty recipes for home bakers at every level of experience.

Amy's Bread starts with the basics like Big Beautiful White Pan Loaf and French Baguette before progressing to more complicated recipes like Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread with Oats and Pecans and Semolina Bread with Apricots and Sage. A helpful introduction covers the details of bread baking techniques, starters, ingredients, and equipment. There are 130 full-color photos that illustrate bread shaping and scoring techniques, as well as photos and personal stories that reveal the inner workings of the bakery.

Whether you've just discovered the joy of bread baking or you've been doing it for decades, this revised classic will keep your oven hot for years to come. And there's more here than just bread — recipes for pizzas, sandwiches, and sweet treats are also included.

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